QoS Queue Setup for the Billion BiPAC 7800NLRouter Sceenshot

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Advanced Setup QoS Queue Setup In ATM mode, maximum queues can be configured: 16 In PTM mode, maximum queues can be configured: 8 For each Ethernet interface, maximum queues can be configured: 4 If you disable WMM function in Wireless Page, queues related to wireless will not take effects. Name Key Interface Scheduler Algorithm Precedence Weight PTM Priority Enable Remove WMM Voice Priority 1 wl0 SP 1     Enabled   WMM Voice Priority 2 wl0 SP 2     Enabled   WMM Video Priority 3 wl0 SP 3     Enabled   WMM Video Priority 4 wl0 SP 4     Enabled   WMM Best Effort 5 wl0 SP 5     Enabled   WMM Background 6 wl0 SP 6     Enabled   WMM Background 7 wl0 SP 7     Enabled   WMM Best Effort 8 wl0 SP 8     Enabled   Default Queue 36 atm0 SP 8          
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