Queue Management Configuration for the Billion BiPAC 7800NLRouter Sceenshot

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Advanced Setup Queue Management Configuration If Enable QoS checkbox is selected, choose a default DSCP mark to automatically mark incoming traffic without reference to a particular classifier. If Enable Qos checkbox is not selected, all QoS will be disabled for all interfaces. The default DSCP mark is used to mark all egress packets that do not match any classification rules. Quality of Service Enable Select Default DSCP Mark No Change Auto Marking default(000000) AF13(001110) AF12(001100) AF11(001010) CS1(001000) AF23(010110) AF22(010100) AF21(010010) CS2(010000) AF33(011110) AF32(011100) AF31(011010) CS3(011000) AF43(100110) AF42(100100) AF41(100010) CS4(100000) EF(101110) CS5(101000) CS6(110000) CS7(111000)  
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