Wireless Advanced for the Billion BiPAC 7800NLRouter Sceenshot

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Wireless Advanced Parameters Band 2.4GHz Channel Current Channel Auto Channel Timer(min) 802.11n/EWC Bandwidth 20MHz 40MHz Current Bandwidth Control Sideband Lower Upper Current Control Sideband 802.11n Rate 802.11n Protection Off Auto Support 802.11n Client Only Off On RIFS Advertisement Off Auto OBSS Co-Existance Disable Enable RX Chain Power Save Disable Enable RX Chain Power Save Quiet Time RX Chain Power Save PPS Radio Power Save Disable Enable Radio Power Save Quiet Time Radio Power Save PPS Radio Power Save On Time 54™ Rate Multicast Rate Basic Rate Fragmentation Threshold  [256-2346] RTS Threshold  [0-2347] DTIM Interval  [1-255] Beacon Interval  [1-65535] Global Max Clients  [1-128] XPress™ Technology Disable Enable 54g™ Mode 54g Auto 54g Performance 54g LRS 802.11b Only 54g Protection Off Auto Regulatory Mode Disable 802.11h 802.11d Pre-Network Radar Check [ 0 - 99 ] In-Network Radar Check [ 10 - 99 ] TPC Mitigation(db) 0(Off) 2 3 4 Afterburner Technology Disable Enable Disable WMM for Selection Preamble Type long short Transmit Power 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% WMM(Wi-Fi Multimedia) Auto Disable Enable WMM No Acknowledgement Disable Enable WMM APSD Disable Enable Iperf Support Disable Enable Video Error Correction RX Auto Enable Decode RX Disable Decode TX Enable Sequencer TX Enable Sequencer (IPTV Mode) TX Enable Encode TX Enable Encode (IPTV Mode) TX Data Path Priority Normal Low RX Data Path Priority Normal Low Calibration Priority Normal Low  
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