Special Application for the CD-R King 3G-52Router Sceenshot

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3G Router                                                               English Chinese Version:   Status WAN LAN Wireless QoS Security Server Routing Admin Logout Virtual-Server Application DMZ NAT     Special Application Application Name : Trigger Port:       --       External Port: Enable:                                           Help     Special Application: Some softwares need multiple Internet connections, such as IP telephone, video conference and so on, and normally the firewall will block these connections.In order to make these software work normally,the firewall must know what kind of situation need to open multiple connections.Through the definition of special applications, when the firewall found a 'Trigger Port' to be opened by a computer, it allows connections from Internet to pass through the corresponding 'external port' to be established. All Rights Reserved * All trademarks are the sole property of their respective companies
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