WAN Break Detection for the CD-R King 3G-52Router Sceenshot

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3G Router                                                               English Chinese Version:   Status WAN LAN Wireless QoS Security Server Routing Admin Logout Setup Break-Detection MAC-Clone DDNS     WAN Break Detection Break Detection Disable Enable Object Sent ARP To The Gateway Sent ICMP To The Gateway Gateway Host address:  ( IP address or domain name) Interval   second(s) Retry   time(s)     Help     WAN Break Detection : PPPoE is not need to choose ARP. If object is ICMP, it is need to configure ICMP host detection. If you select the gateway, make sure whether or not does gateway respond to ICMP packet. The host address entered must respond to ICMP packets. Interval and retry are total time of detection. If there's no response from object detection within this time,we think that the system has been disconnected. All Rights Reserved * All trademarks are the sole property of their respective companies
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