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3G Router                                                               English Chinese Version:   Status WAN LAN Wireless QoS Security Server Routing Admin Logout Firewall Website-Block MAC-Filter Access-Restrictions Port-Triggering DoS     Prevent DoS Attack Disable Enable Prevent SYN flood Attack : Threshold: packets/second Prevent UDP flood Attack : Threshold: packets/second Prevent ICMP flood Attack : Threshold: packets/second Block IP Options Prevent Land Attack Prevent Tear Drop Attack Prevent Smurf Attack Ping from Death Attack Filter Prevent ICMP Fragment Prevent SYN Fragment Prevent Unknown Protocol Prevent Fraggle Attack Prevent Source IP Spoofing Attack Prevent ARP Deception    Interval Time:   1 second(s) 0.1 second(s) 0.2 second(s) 0.3 second(s) 0.4 second(s) 0.5 second(s) 0.6 second(s) 0.7 second(s) 0.8 second(s) 0.9 second(s)     Help      Prevent DoS Attack: You can enable the function according to need.Choose the interval time if you enable 'Prevent ARP Deception'. Interval time is more smaller, the effect is more good,but the influence of system is more bigger. All Rights Reserved * All trademarks are the sole property of their respective companies