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3G Router                                                               English Chinese Version:   Status WAN LAN Wireless QoS Security Server Routing Admin Logout Management Time-setting Backup&Restore Firmware-Upgrade Restart Factory-Defaults Password     --> Equipment Function    Enable Fast-Forwarding    Enable UPNP 本地管理     启用本地telnet管理  允许IP范围 . ~ . --> Remote    Disable    Enable    Port(1025~65535):    Enable Telnet If you want to telnet the device, enter the address to the browser address bar: http://WAN IP:8080       Help     Enable remote, and enter 'http://WAN IP:8080' in your browser's address bar,then you can access your device. You can enable local or remote telnet server if you need. All Rights Reserved * All trademarks are the sole property of their respective companies
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