Wireless Security for the CD-R King 3G RouterRouter Sceenshot

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3G Router                                                               English Chinese Version:   Status WAN LAN Wireless QoS Security Server Routing Admin Logout Basic Security Advanced WDS WPS Station List Mac Access     Security    Security Mode Disable Open System WPA WPA-PSK WPA2 WPA2-PSK WPAPSKWPA2PSK WPA1WPA2 Encrypt Type None WEP Encrypt Strength 64 bit 128 bit Default Key Key1 Key2 Key3 Key4 WEP Keys1 Hex ASCII WEP Keys2 Hex ASCII WEP Keys3 Hex ASCII WEP Keys4 Hex ASCII WPA-PSK Encrypt Type TKIP AES TKIPAES WPA-PSK Key ( 8-63 ASCII characters, or 64 hexadecimal characters <0-9 or a-f, A-F>) Rekey Interval   second(s) PMK Cache Period   minute(s) Pre-Authentication Disable   Enable   RADUIS Server IP Address Port Shared Secret Session Timeout Idle Timeout     Help All Rights Reserved * All trademarks are the sole property of their respective companies
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