Wireless Advanced Settings for the CD-R King IP04177Router Sceenshot

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Wireless Advanced Setting   Wireless Advanced Settings These settings are only for more technically advanced users who have a sufficient knowledge about wireless LAN. These settings should not be changed unless you know what effect the changes will have on your Access Point. Country Region :   FCC ETSI,Argentina,China Japan Channel(1-13) Fragment Threshold :     (256-2346) RTS Threshold :     (0-2347) Ack Timeout Control :     (0-255)us Beacon Interval :     (100-1000)ms Preamble Type :   Long Preamble Short Preamble Aggregation :   Disabled Enabled Short GI : Disabled Enabled WLAN Partition :   Relayed Blocked   When this is relayed there is no barrier between communications among wireless stations connecting to the Access Point. If this is blocked, wireless stations are not allowed to exchange data through the Access Point RF Output Power :   100%   50%   25%   10%   5%   
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