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Loading... Skip to content Hi cusadmin   •   Logout   •   Change Password 60% Internet Loading... Wi-Fi Loading... MoCA Loading... DECT Loading... Security Loading... WARNING: Gateway operating in bridge mode! Gateway At a Glance Connection LAN Status WAN Status Local IP Network Wi-Fi MoCA Firewall IPv4 IPv6 Software Hardware System Hardware LAN Wireless Connected Devices Devices Range Extenders Device Control Management Managed Sites Managed Services Managed Devices Reports Advanced Port Forwarding Port Triggering Port Management DMZ NAT Static Routing Dynamic DNS Device Discovery Troubleshooting Logs Diagnostic Tools Reset/Restore Gateway Change Password Local IP Network Edit IP Address (IPv4): Subnet mask: DHCPv4 Server: Enabled DHCPv4 Lease Time: 7d:0h:0m Link Local Gateway Address (IPv6): fe80::481d:70ff:fe53:b423 Global Gateway Address (IPv6): 2601:18f:602:8b00:481d:70ff:fe53:b423 Delegated prefix: 2601:18f:602:8b00::/64 DHCPv6 Lease Time: 7d:0h:0m IPV6 DNS: 2001:558:feed::1 No of Clients connected: 3 View Internet: Active WAN IP Address: DHCP Client: Enabled DHCP Expire Time: 3d:22h:10m MoCA Edit MoCA Network: Inactive MoCA Privacy: Disabled MoCA Channel: D1(1150 MHz) No of Nodes: 1 No of Clients Connected: 0 Up Time: 4d:0h:29m Transmit Rate: 235 Mbps Private Wi-Fi Network-CBCI-B420-2.4 Edit Wireless Network(Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz): Active Supported Protocols: G,N Security: WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES) No of Clients connected: 1 Private Wi-Fi Network-CBCI-B420-5 Edit Wireless Network(Wi-Fi 5 GHz): Active Supported Protocols: A,N,AC Security: WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES) No of Clients connected: 0 Gateway operating in battery mode No Wi-Fi information available. Gateway operating in battery mode No MoCA information available. •   customerCentral •   User Guide
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