System Hardware for the Cisco DPC3941BRouter Sceenshot

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Loading... Skip to content Hi cusadmin   •   Logout   •   Change Password 60% Internet Loading... Wi-Fi Loading... MoCA Loading... DECT Loading... Security Loading... WARNING: Gateway operating in bridge mode! Gateway At a Glance Connection LAN Status WAN Status Local IP Network Wi-Fi MoCA Firewall IPv4 IPv6 Software Hardware System Hardware LAN Wireless Connected Devices Devices Range Extenders Device Control Management Managed Sites Managed Services Managed Devices Reports Advanced Port Forwarding Port Triggering Port Management DMZ NAT Static Routing Dynamic DNS Device Discovery Troubleshooting Logs Diagnostic Tools Reset/Restore Gateway Change Password Gateway > Hardware > System Hardware View information about the Gateway's hardware. You may need this information if you contact Comcast for troubleshooting assistance. System Hardware Model: DPC3941B Vendor: Cisco Hardware Revision: 1.0 Serial Number: 276914303 Processor Speed: 447.28 MHz DRAM: 1048576 MB Flash: 128 MB •   customerCentral •   User Guide
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