Local IP Configuration for the Cisco DPC3941T - XFINITYRouter Sceenshot

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Xfinity   Skip to content Hi admin   •   Logout   •   Change Password 0% Internet Loading... Wi-Fi Loading... MoCA Loading... Low Security Loading... Gateway At a Glance Connection Status XFINITY Network Local IP Network Wi-Fi MoCA Firewall IPv4 IPv6 Software Hardware System Hardware Battery LAN Wireless Wizard Connected Devices Devices Range Extenders Parental Control Managed Sites Managed Services Managed Devices Reports Advanced Port Forwarding Port Triggering Remote Management QoS DMZ Device Discovery Troubleshooting Logs Diagnostic Tools Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer MoCA Diagnostics Reset/Restore Gateway Change Password Gateway > Connection > Local IP Configuration Manage your home network settings. Gateway address: Enter the IP address of the Gateway. Subnet Mask: The subnet mask is associated with the IP address. Select the appropriate subnet mask based on the number of devices that will be connected to your network. DHCP Beginning and Ending Addresses: The DHCP server in the Gateway allows the router to manage IP address assignment for the connected devices. DHCP Lease time: The lease time is the length of time the Gateway offers an IP address to a connected device. The lease is renewed while it is connected to the network. After the time expires, the IP address is freed and may be assigned to any new device that connects to the Gateway. IPv4 Gateway Address: . . . Subnet Mask: --> DHCP Beginning Address: --> . . . DHCP Ending Address: . . . DHCP Lease Time: Seconds Minutes Hours Days Weeks Forever IPv6 Link-Local Gateway Address: : : : : : : : Global Gateway Address: : : : : : : : LAN IPv6 Address Assignment Stateless(Auto-Config) Stateful(Use Dhcp Server) DHCPv6 Beginning Address: : : : : : : : / DHCPv6 Ending Address: : : : : : : : / DHCPv6 Lease Time: Seconds Minutes Hours Days Weeks Forever Xfinity.com •   customerCentral •   User Guide
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