IPv6 LAN for the Cisco RV-120WRouter Sceenshot

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RV 120W Wireless-N VPN Firewall IPv6 LAN (Local Network) You must set the IP mode to IPv4/IPv6 mode in the Networking > IPv6 > IP Mode Page to configure this page. LAN (Local Network) TCP/IP Setup IPv6 Address:   IPv6 Prefix Length: (Range: 0 - 128, Default: 64)   DHCPv6 DHCP Status: Disable DHCPv6 Server   Enable DHCPv6 Server   DHCP Mode: Stateless   Stateful   Domain Name:   Server Preference: (Range: 0 - 255, Default: 255)   DNS Servers: Use DNS Proxy Use DNS from ISP Use Below   Primary DNS Server: (Optional)   Secondary DNS Server: (Optional)   Lease/Rebind Time: Seconds (Range: 0 - 604800, Default: 86400)     IPv6 Address Pool Table Start Address End Address Prefix Length   0 results found  
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