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RV180 Multifunction VPN Firewall System Summary System Information Host Name: TopLineCisco Edit Firmware Version: Firmware MD5 Checksum: PID VID: RV180 V01 Serial Number: \ LAN (Local Network) Information MAC Address: \ IPv4 Address: \ / Edit IPv6 Address: Edit DHCP Server: Enabled Edit DHCP Relay: Disabled Edit DHCPv6 Server: IPv6 is disabled Edit WAN (Internet) Information WAN (Internet) Information (IPv4) MAC Address: \ Edit Connection Time: 11 Days 11:34:24 Connection Type: Dynamic IP (DHCP) Edit Connection State: Connected DHCP Server: \ Lease Obtained: Wed Oct 23 13:34:44 GMT 2013 Lease Duration: 1 Day 00:00:00 IP Address: \ Edit Subnet Mask: Edit Gateway: \ Edit Primary DNS Server: \ Edit Secondary DNS Server: \ Edit NAT (IPv4 Only Mode): Enabled Edit WAN (Internet) Information (IPv6)     Connection Time: Not Yet Available Connection Type: Dynamic IP (DHCP) Edit Connection State: Not Yet Connected IP Address: \ Edit Gateway: Edit DNS Servers: Edit   Print security settings Email system summary
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