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CradlePoint MBR1200 Gateway : Tools / GRE Tunnels   Basic Advanced Modem Tools Status Help Basic Wizard DHCP Network WAN Wireless (Wi-Fi) Advanced Access Control Failover/Load Balance Firewall Gaming Gaming --> Inbound Filter MAC Address Filter Network Routing Special Applications Traffic Shaping Virtual Server Web Filter Wireless (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi Protected Setup WISH Modem Info GPS Settings Update Tools Admin Dynamic DNS Email Settings Firmware GRE Tunnels IPsec VPN Managed Services Schedules SNMP SysLog System System Check Time User Login Status Device Info Active Sessions GRE Tunnels IPsec VPN Logs Routing Statistics Wireless (Wi-Fi) WISH Sessions Help Menu Basic Advanced Modem Tools Status Glossary Reboot needed Your changes have been saved. The router must be rebooted for the changes to take effect. You can reboot now, or you can continue to make other changes and reboot later. Success The new settings have been applied. Press the button below to continue configuring the router if the previous page doesn't restore in  seconds. --> --> Configuration Warnings GRE Tunnels Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) is a method of creating a point-to-point connection between two routers. Add GRE Policy Retrieving list of WAN ports from device. Please wait. Add GRE Policy You cannot add more policies because the table is full. Add GRE Policy Name : WAN Interface : IP Address : Subnet Mask : Peer Address : TOS Override : TTL Override : Keep Alive : Keep tunnel alive. Period : Seconds between keep alives Retries : Number of retries Add GRE Policy You cannot add more routes because the route table is full. Add GRE tunnel route IP Address  Subnet Mask  Metric  GRE Route List IP Address Subnet Mask Metric Edit Delete GRE Policy List Enabled Name Peer Address IP Address / Subnet Mask Interface Edit Delete   Copyright 2011 CradlePoint Technology Inc. All rights reserved.  
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