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D-Link Corporation | WIRELESS ACCESS POINT | HOME Product Page :  DAP-1522 Hardware Version : rev 1A1  Firmware Version : 1.00  --> Setup Advanced MAINTENANCE Status Help --> Setup Advanced MAINTENANCE Status Help Advanced Wireless Logout Advanced Wireless If you are not familiar with these Advanced Wireless settings, please read the help section before attempting to modify these settings.   Advanced Wireless Settings Transmit Power : 100% 50% 25% 12.5% RTS Threshold : (range: 256~2346, default:2346) Fragmentation Threshold : (range: 1500~2346, default:2346, even number only) Short GI : Helpful Hints... It is recommended that you leave these parameters at their default values. Adjusting them could limit the performance of your wireless network. More...       -->     Copyright © 2008 D-Link Corporation, Inc.
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