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D-Link Corporation | WIRELESS ACCESS POINT | HOME Product Page :  DAP-1522 Hardware Version : rev 1A1  Firmware Version : 1.00  --> Setup Advanced MAINTENANCE Status Help --> Setup Advanced MAINTENANCE Status Help DEVICE INFO LOGS Logout Logs View the logs. You can define the event levels to view. Log Options What to View :       System Activity       Wireless Activity       Notice Enable Remote Log :       Log Server / IP Address :  Log Details Page 1 of 1 Time Priority         Message Uptime 0 day 00:01:18 [SYSACT]Web login success from Uptime 0 day 00:00:26 [Wireless]Association Sucess: Root AP Uptime 0 day 00:00:23 [SYSACT] Device is operating in Bridge mode! Uptime 0 day 00:00:19 [Wireless]Initiate Wireless success Uptime 0 day 00:00:04 [SYSACT]Device start with f/w version:1.00 Helpful Hints... Check the log frequently to detect unauthorized network usage. More...       -->     Copyright © 2008 D-Link Corporation, Inc.