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D-Link DFL-1100 - HTTP Content Filtering HTTP Content Filtering Edit Destination URL Global Blacklist: The URL blacklist can be used to deny access to complete sites, to file types by extension, or to URLs with certain words in them. Use e.g. "**" to disallow access to an entire site. Blank lines and lines beginning with "#" are ignored. # # Example for blocking all access to a whole site: # #* # ** # # Or, a shorter variant that runs the risk of blocking sites whose # names end with the same text: # # ** # # # Deny access to potentially dangerous file types: # # Malicious executables can be downloaded by exploits *.exe *.scr *.cpl *.pif # *.com -- probably not a good idea given the .com TLD # Malicious scripts can be downloaded by exploits *.vb *.vbd *.vbe *.vbs *.vbx *.bat *.cmd *.wsc *.wsf *.wsh *.sct # Shell scraps can contain executables and invoke nearly any command *.shb *.shs # Windows installer files - prevent unauthorized downloads and installs *.msi *.msp # "HTML Applications" -- affected by vulnerabilities *.hta *.htc # Windows media player skin file -- affected by vulnerabilities *.wms *.wmz *.wmd # Multiple vulnerabilities use compiled HTML (chm) files, especially in conjunction with HTML Help, so block .hlp too *.chm *.hlp # Vulnerabilities in MIDI decoders *.mid *.midi # The Office suite has had multiple vulnerabilities over the years *.ade *.adp *.clp *.csv *.dif *.doc *.dot *.mad *.maf *.mam *.maq *.mar *.mat *.mcw *.mda *.mdb *.mde *.mdn *.mdt *.mdv *.mdw *.mst *.odc *.ofn *.pbk *.pcd *.pip *.pot *.ppa *.pps *.ppt *.ppz *.pwz *.slk # *.rtf -- can contain ms word data too though *.w51 *.w60 *.w61 *.wbk *.wiz *.wk1 *.wk3 *.wkb *.wks *.wll *.wmc *.wri *.wp *.wp4 *.wp5 *.wp6 *.wpc *.wpd *.wpf *.wpg *.wpj *.wpk *.wpm *.wpp *.wpt *.wpw *.wwl *.wwp *.wzs *.xl *.xla *.xlb *.xlc *.xld *.xlk *.xll *.xlm *.xls *.xlt *.xlv *.xlw # "Internet Settings" files -- shouldn't come from the outside *.ins *.isp # Outlook email/news archive file *.eml *.nws # "Multipurpose HTML archive" -- affected by vulnerabilities *.mht *.mhtml # HTTP-based database access -- not used by browsers *.idc *.htx # URL/Link files have no business being downloaded by browsers *.url *.lnk # Others *.reg *.inf          
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