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D-Link DFL-1100 - Port Mapping / Virtual Servers Port Mapping / Virtual Servers Edit new mapping :   Name:   Source Nets: Blank = everyone   ... Users/Groups: "Any" = Any authenticated   Destination IP: Blank = WAN interface IP address   Service: All TCP+UDP+ICMP Custom TCP Custom UDP Custom TCP+UDP ----- bootpc bootps chargen cthor dns-all dns-tcp dns-udp echo epmap finger ftp-inbound ftp-outbound ftp-passthrough gopher gre-encap http http-all http-in http-in-all http-outbound https https-in ident igmp ike imap ipcomp ipip-encap ipsec-ah ipsec-esp ipsec-natt ipsec-suite l2tp-ctl l2tp-encap l2tp-ipsec l2tp-raw ldap ldaps lpr microsoft-ds ms-sql-m ms-sql-s netbios-dgm netbios-name netbios-ssn nfs-all nfs-tcp nfs-udp nntp ntp ping-inbound ping-outbound pop3 pptp-ctl pptp-suite radius radius-acct rcmd rdp rexec rlogin rsvp smb-all smtp smtp-in snmp snmp-trap ssh ssh-in sun-rpc syslog telnet tkceabod tftp time traceroute-udp wins   Custom source ports: Blank = any port ... destination ports: ... pass to port: ... and up. Blank=no change.   Pass To:   Schedule: - Always - Intrusion Detection / Prevention:   Mode: Inspection only   Prevention   Alerting: Enable IDS/IDP alerting via email for this rule Traffic shaping - limits and guarantees for WAN traffic:     Limit   Guarantee Upstream: kbit/s   kbit/s       Downstream: kbit/s   kbit/s   Priority: Normal Guarantee High-Priority Guarantee Critical Guarantee     Note that priorities and guarantees will only work if the traffic limits for the WAN interface are configured correctly. Simple limits will however always work. Configured mappings: Name   Source   Destination   Service   Pass to           [ Add new ]          
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