VPN Tunnels - Add New L2TP Server for the Dlink DFL-1100Router Sceenshot

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D-Link DFL-1100 - L2TP/PPTP Servers L2TP/PPTP Servers Add L2TP tunnel :   Name:   Outer IP: Blank = WAN IP   Must be WAN IP if IPsec encryption is required   Inner IP: Blank = LAN IP IP Pool and settings:   Client IP Pool:     Proxy ARP dynamically added routes   Primary DNS: (Optional)   Secondary DNS: (Optional)     Use unit's own DNS relayer addresses   Primary WINS: (Optional)   Secondary WINS: (Optional) Authentication protocol:     No authentication PAP CHAP MSCHAP (MPPE encryption possible) MSCHAPv2 (MPPE encryption possible) Authentication source:   Local user database   Radius   Primary Server:   port   Secondary Server:   port   Shared Secret:   Retype Secret:   RADIUS retry: seconds --> MPPE encryption:     None - unencrypted 40 bit 56 bit 128 bit (best security) Encryption is only possible when using MSCHAP or MSCHAPv2 as authentication protocol Require IPsec encryption   PSK - Pre-Shared Key   Key:   Retype key:   Certificate based   Local Identity: Admin - CN=000F3D59AF04     Certificates: Use ctrl/shift click to select multiple certificates. To use ID lists below, you must select a CA certificate.   Identity List: (no list) IPsec Tunnels   Name   Local Net   Remote Net   Remote Gateway       VPN2   Any   (No gateway)   [ Edit ]   [ Add new ] L2TP / PPTP Client   Name   Type   Remote Gateway   User   IPsec       [ Add new PPTP client ] [ Add new L2TP client ] L2TP / PPTP Server   Name   Type   Outer IP   Inner IP   IPsec       [ Add new PPTP server ] [ Add new L2TP server ]          
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