Administration Settings for the Dlink DFL-200Router Sceenshot

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D-Link DFL-200 - Administration Settings     Administration Settings Management web GUI ports   HTTP Port:     HTTPS Port:     For security reasons, it may be better to run the management web GUI on non-standard ports. Also note that if web-based user authentication is enabled, ports 80 and 443 will be taken; the management web GUI has to use other ports. Select the interface / user you wish to edit from the below list. Note that both the user settings and the interface settings limit what a user can do, so if a user with both admin and read-only rights logs on from a somewhere where only read-only access is allowed, the user will be allowed to log on, but will receive read-only access only. Administrative users   Admin:   admin       [ Add ]     Read-only:   auditor       [ Add ]   END Administrative users -->   Administrative access via LAN interface       [ Edit ]   Ping:   Any address   Admin:   Any address (HTTP + HTTPS)   Add administrative access via:   Interface:   WAN , DMZ   VPN Tunnel:     VLAN Interface:            
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