DynDNS for the Dlink DFL-200Router Sceenshot

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D-Link DFL-200 - Dynamic DNS Registration via HTTP     Dynamic DNS Registration via HTTP The unit can automatically register its external IP address with a DynDNS service so that it can be located via its DNS name. This is useful for e.g. VPN tunnels between gateways with dynamic IP addresses. Disabled cjb.net   Username: (hostname becomes username .cjb.net)   Password: dyns.cx   Hostname:   Username:   Password: dyndns.org   Hostname:   Username:   Password: Custom - up to 3 HTTP requests, posted in sequence   To use HTTP POST rather than GET, use "httppost://" rather than "http://".   URL 1:   URL 2:   URL 3:   Repeat: minutes   Example:   http://user:[email protected]/path?arg1=val1&arg2=val2          
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