Logging Settings for the Dlink DFL-200Router Sceenshot

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D-Link DFL-200 - Logging Settings     Logging Settings Syslog - send log data via the syslog protocol to one or two servers   If both servers are configured, logs will be sent to both at the same time.   Syslog server 1:   Syslog server 2: (optional)   Syslog facility: Local0 Local1 Local2 Local3 Local4 Local5 Local6 Local7 Enable audit logging   The firewall normally logs denied packets. With audit logging enabled, it will also log when allowed connections open and close. Enable E-mail alerting for IDS/IDP events   Sensitivity: Very High (all events) High Normal Low Very low   SMTP Server:   Sender:   E-Mail Address 1:   E-Mail Address 2:   E-Mail Address 3:          
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