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DI-624S Admin Time System Firmware Misc. Cable Test Ping Test Ping Test is used to send "Ping" packets to test if a computer is on the Internet. Host Name or IP Address Restart Device Reboot the DI-624S. --> Block WAN Ping When you "Block WAN Ping", you are causing the public WAN IP address on the DI-624S to not respond to ping commands. Pinging public WAN IP addresses is a common method used by hackers to test whether your WAN IP address is valid. Discard PING from WAN side Enabled Disabled SPI mode You can setup this item if you want to enable SPI mode. Enabled Disabled UPNP Settings You can setup this item if you want to enable UPnP. Enabled Disabled VPN Pass-Through Allows VPN connections to work through the DI-624S. PPTP Enabled Disabled IPSec Enabled Disabled XBOX You can setup this item if you want to enable XBOX. Enabled Disabled --> SSL Settings SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) works by using a private key to encrypt data that's transferred over the SSL connection. An SSL connection required that URL(Uniform Resource Locators) start with https:// instead of http://. Both(http or https) Only SSL Disabled --> WAN select to 10/100 Mbps   100Mbps 10Mbps 10/100Mbps Auto
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