Wireless Settings for the Dlink DI-624SRouter Sceenshot

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DI-624S Wizard Wireless WAN LAN DHCP File Sharing FTP Personal Web UPnP AV Wireless Settings These are the wireless settings for the AP(Access Point)Portion. WCN  Enabled Disabled Wireless Radio  On Off Wireless QoS(WMM) Enabled Disabled SSID : Channel : Auto Select Super G Mode : Disabled Super G without Turbo Super G with Dynamic Turbo Authentication : Open System Shared Key WPA WPA-PSK WPA2 WPA2-PSK WPA-AUTO WPA-PSK-AUTO--> WEP : Enabled Disabled WEP Encryption : 64Bit 128Bit Key Type : ASCII HEX Key1 : Key2 : Key3 : Key4 : Passphrase : Confirmed Passphrase : 802.1X RADIUS Server IP Port Shared Secret
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