DHCP Server for the Dlink DI-724URouter Sceenshot

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DI-724U DHCP Server DI-724U can be set up as a DHCP Server to distribute IP addresses to the LAN. DHCP Server : Enabled Disabled DHCP IP Address Range : - (within the LAN subnet) Lease Time : 1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 1 Week Always Broadcast : (Compatibility for some DHCP Clients) DHCP Reservations DHCP Reservations allow the DHCP server to associate a fixed IP address with a specific MAC address. Computer Name : IP Address : MAC Address : Entry : Enabled Disabled DHCP Client : DHCP Reservations List Enabled Computer Name IP Address MAC Address     Dynamic DHCP Client List Computer Name IP Address MAC Address Expire Time   Copyright © 2004-2005 D-Link Systems, Inc.
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