Firmware Upgrade for the Dlink DI-724URouter Sceenshot

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DI-724U Firmware Upgrade There may be new firmware for your DI-724U to improve functionality and performance. Click here to check for an upgrade on our support site. Note: Some firmware upgrades reset the router's configuration options to the factory defaults. Before performing an upgrade, be sure to save the current configuration from the Tools -> System screen. To upgrade the firmware, your PC must have a wired connection to the router. Enter the name of the firmware upgrade file, then click on the Apply button. Current Firmware Version :   Latest Firmware Version :   Current Firmware Date :     Check Online Now for Latest Firmware Version   Upload :   Note: Now uploading. The upload may take up to 1 minute. Firmware Upgrade Notification Options Automatically Check Online for Latest Firmware Version : Email Notification of Newer Firmware Version : Copyright © 2004-2005 D-Link Systems, Inc.
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