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DI-724U Restart Device Reboots the DI-724U Block WAN Ping When you "Block WAN Ping", you are causing the public WAN IP address on the DI-724U to not respond to ping commands. Pinging public WAN IP addresses is a common method used by hackers to test whether your WAN IP address is valid. Discard PING from WAN Side : Enabled Disabled Firewall Rule : Allow All Deny All Details:   UPNP Settings Enabled Disabled Gaming Mode Enabled Disabled VPN Passthrough Allows VPN connections to work through the DI-724U. PPTP : Enabled Disabled L2TP : Enabled Disabled IPSec : Enabled Disabled WAN select to 10/100 Mbps 100Mbps 10Mbps 10/100Mbps Auto Log Email Settings From Email Address : To Email Address : SMTP Server Address : Enable Authentication : Account Name : Password : Verify Password : Email Log On Log Full : On Schedule : Schedule : Never Details:   Copyright © 2004-2005 D-Link Systems, Inc.
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