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DI-724U Parental Controls Parental Control filters are used to allow or deny LAN users from accessing the Internet. Enabled Disabled Policy Wizard Allowed Web Sites Add Web Site : (e.g.: Allowed Web Sites List     Apply Cancel Help Policy Table   Policy Machine Web Filter Logged Schedule     Add New Policy This wizard will guide you through the following steps to add a new policy for Parental Control. Step 1 - Choose a unique name for your policy Step 2 - Select a schedule Step 3 - Select the machine to which this policy applies Step 4 - Select filtering method Step 5 - Configure Web Access Logging Step 1: Choose Policy Name Choose a unique name for your policy. Policy Name : Step 2: Select Schedule Choose a schedule to apply to this policy. Always Never Details:   Step 3: Select Machine Select the machine to which this policy applies. Specify a machine with its IP or MAC address, or select "Other Machines" for machines that do not have a policy. Address Type : IP MAC Other Machines IP Address : Machine Address : Machine     Step 4: Select Filtering Method Select the method for web filtering. Method  Log Web Access Only Block All Access Apply Web Filter Step 5: Configure Web Access Logging Web Access Logging : Disabled Enabled Copyright © 2004-2006 D-Link Systems, Inc.
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