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DI-724U Wireless Settings These are the wireless settings for the AP(Access Point) Portion. Wireless Radio : On Off SSID : Channel : Auto Channel Select Super G™ Mode : Disabled Super G without Turbo Super G with Dynamic Turbo Super G with Static Turbo Transmission Rate : Auto 54 48 36 24 18 12 9 6 11 5.5 2 1 (Mbit/s) 802.11g Only Mode : Enabled Disabled SSID Broadcast : Enabled Disabled Security Mode : None WEP WPA-EAP WPA-PSK WEP For WEP (wireless encryption) enter the same key(s) into both the router and the wireless stations -- 10 hex digits for each 64 bit key or 26 hex digits for each 128 bit key. A hex digit is either a number from 0 to 9 or a letter from A to F. You can also enter any text string into a WEP key box, in which case the ASCII values of the characters are converted into a hexadecimal key. Use up to 5 text characters for 64 bit keys, and up to 13 characters for 128 bit keys. Set the Authentication to "Shared Key" for greatest security. Authentication : Open System Shared Key WEP Encryption : 64 bit (10 hex digits) 128 bit (26 hex digits) WEP Key 1 : WEP Key 2 : WEP Key 3 : WEP Key 4 : WPA WPA requires stations to use high grade encryption and authentication. WPA Mode : WPA WPA2 WPA2 Only Cipher Type : TKIP AES TKIP and AES Passphrase : Confirm Passphrase : EAP (802.1x) When WPA-EAP (also called "WPA enterprise") is enabled, the router uses EAP (802.1x) to authenticate clients via a remote RADIUS server. Radius Server 2 settings are optional. RADIUS server 1 IP : Port : Shared Secret : RADIUS server 2 IP : Port : Shared Secret : Copyright © 2004-2005 D-Link Systems, Inc.
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