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D-LINK SYSTEMS, INC | WIRELESS ROUTER | TOOLS Product Page: DIR-450 Hardware Version: A1   Firmware Version: 1.03 Setup Advanced Tools Status Support Admin Time System Firmware DDNS SYSTEM CHECK SCHEDULES Log settings Syslog Email Settings Routing Email Settings : The Email feature can be used to send the system log files, router alert messages, and firmware update notification to your email address. Enable : Enable Email Notification :   Email Settings : From Email Address :   To Email Address :   SMTP Server Address/Name :   Enable Authentication :   Account Name :   Password :   Confirm Password :   Email log when on Schedule : On Schedule :   Schedule :   Never Details :   Helpful Hints.. You may want to make the email settings similar to those of your email client program.        Copyright © 2004-2008 D-Link Systems, Inc.
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