ADSL for the Dlink DSL-2640B SEA 1.00Router Sceenshot

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menu Product Page: DSL-2640B Site Map       Firmware Version: SEA_1.00 Setup Advanced Maintenance Status Help Advanced Wireless Port Forwarding Port Triggering DMZ Parental Control Filtering Options Firewall Settings DNS Dynamic DNS Network Tools Routing Schedules Logout ADSL This page allows you to configure the modem's ADSL modulation. Select the modulation below. ADSL Settings   G.Dmt Enabled   G.Lite Enabled   T1.413 Enabled   ADSL2 Enabled   AnnexL Enabled   ADSL2+ Enabled   AnnexM Enabled   Inner pair   Outer pair // done hiding --> Capability   Bitswap Enable   SRA Enable Helpful Hints... Do not change these settings unless directed by your ISP. More...   Copyright 2008-2010 D-Link Systems, Inc.