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Product: DSL-2680 Firmware Version: v1.08 Hardware Version: A1 Setup Advanced Maintenance Status Help ADSL Setup Wireless Setup LAN Setup Time and Date Logout Internet Online     ADSL Setup If you are configuring this device for the first time, D-Link recommends that you click the Setup Wizard button, and follow the instructions on screen. If you wish to modify or configure the ADSL settings manually, tick Manual Setup to enable the ADSL Connection Setup.     Manual Setup WAN Connection The DSL WAN connection can be separated virtually into multiple channels by assigning different VPI/VCI in each Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC). In each PVC you can also set the connection protocol to be PPP, Dynamic IP, Static IP or Bridge mode. WAN Connection :  PVC0 PVC1 PVC2 PVC3 PVC4 PVC5 PVC6 PVC7 Manual ADSL Connection Setup Please select the appropriate option to connect to your ISP. PPPoE/PPPoA Choose this option if your ISP uses PPPoE/PPPoA.(For most DSL users) Dynamic IP Address Choose this option if your ISP uses Dynamic IP Address over DSL. Static IP Address Choose this option if your ISP uses Static IP assignments. Bridge Mode Choose this option if your ISP uses Bridge Mode. PPPoE/PPPoA Internet Connection Type : Enter the information provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Username :  Password :  Service Name :  Connection Type :  PPPoE LLC PPPoE VC-Mux PPPoA LLC PPPoA VC-Mux MTU :  (0 means default value 1500bytes) Idle Time Out :  Minutes (0 = Always On) Authentication :  Auto PAP CHAP NAT :  Disable Enable IGMP :  Disable Enable Default Route :  Disable Enable VPI :  VCI :  Virtual Circuit :  Disable Enable Service Category :  CBR UBR rtVBR nrtVBR PCR :  cells/second SCR :  cells/second MBS :  cells Helpful Hints... First time users are recommended to run the Setup Wizard. Click the Setup Wizard button and you will be guided step by step through the process of setting up your ADSL connection. Tick the Manual Setup box if you are a more advanced user and have the settings for your Internet Service Provider (ISP) available. Please take care when entering your username and password as these are case sensitive. The majority of connection issues are caused by incorrect username or password combinations. More...   Copyright 2007 D-Link System, Inc.
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