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Product: DSL-2680 Firmware Version: v1.08 Hardware Version: A1 Setup Advanced Maintenance Status Help Port Forwarding QoS Setup Outbound Filter Inbound Filter DNS Setup VLAN Firewall & DMZ Advanced ADSL Advanced Wireless Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wireless Mac Filter Advanced LAN Remote Management Network Tools Logout Internet Online     Remote Management This section allows you to enable/disable remote access to the router from the Internet. Remote Access Control allows you to configure access via specific services. Most users will not need to change any of these settings. Remote Management Settings Enable Remote Management : Remote Admin Port : Remote Admin Inbound Filter : Allow All Deny All Details : Remote Access Control Service LAN WAN FTP   Enabled   Enabled HTTP   Enabled   Enabled ICMP (Ping)   Enabled   Enabled TELNET   Enabled   Enabled TFTP   Enabled   Enabled Helpful Hints... Remote Management by default should be disabled. However if you wish to login and manage your Router from another Internet device then you can enable the router to accept such commands from the Internet port. This option may be useful if your network administrator is not onsite or your technical support requires access to your router.   Copyright 2007 D-Link System, Inc.
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