Internet Access PPPoe PPPoA for the DrayTek Vigor 2710nRouter Sceenshot

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Internet Access >> PPPoE / PPPoA PPPoE / PPPoA Client Mode PPPoE/PPPoA Client      Enable  Disable DSL Modem Settings Multi-PVC channel Channel 1 VPI VCI Encapsulating Type VC MUX LLC/SNAP Protocol  PPPoA       PPPoE      Modulation G.DMT ADSL2 annex M ADSL2+(G.992.5) ADSL2+ annex M Multimode PPPoE Pass-through For Wired LAN For Wireless LAN Note:  If this box is checked while using the PPPoA protocol, the router will behave like a modem which only serves the PPPoE client on the LAN. ISDN Dial Backup Setup Dial Backup Mode None Packet Trigger Always On WAN Connection Detection   Mode ARP Detect Ping Detect   Ping IP   TTL: WAN Backup Setup      3G USB Modem            Dial Backup Mode   Disable Enable            Go to 3G USB Modem Backup Setup --> ISP Access Setup ISP Name Username Password PPP Authentication PAP Only PAP or CHAP Always On   Idle Timeout  second(s) IP Address From ISP    Fixed IP     Yes No (Dynamic IP) Fixed IP Address Default MAC Address Specify a MAC Address   MAC Address:   Index(1-15) in  Schedule  Setup:      => ,  ,  , 
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