Wireless LAN General Setup for the Draytek Vigor 2820nRouter Sceenshot

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Wireless LAN >> General Setup General Setting ( IEEE 802.11 )  Enable Wireless LAN Mode : 11b Only 11g Only 11n Only Mixed(11b+11g) Mixed(11g+11n) Mixed(11b+11g+11n) Index(1-15) in  Schedule  Setup:  ,  ,  ,  Only schedule profiles that have the action "Force Down" are applied to the WLAN, all other actions are ignored. Mode: AP mode Station mode SSID: Channel : Note : If SuperG mode is enabled, channel is fixed at 6. Enable Hide SSID SSID Isolate LAN Member 1 2 3 4 Hide SSID: Prevent SSID from being scanned. Isolate Member: Wireless clients (stations) with the same SSID cannot access for each other. Isolate LAN: Wireless clients (stations) with the same SSID cannot access wired PCs on LAN. Channel:  Auto Channel 1, 2412MHz Channel 2, 2417MHz Channel 3, 2422MHz Channel 4, 2427MHz Channel 5, 2432MHz Channel 6, 2437MHz Channel 7, 2442MHz Channel 8, 2447MHz Channel 9, 2452MHz Channel 10, 2457MHz Channel 11, 2462MHz Channel 12, 2467MHz Channel 13, 2472MHz Long Preamble:  Long Preamble: necessary for some old 802.11 b devices only(lower performance) Packet-OVERDRIVE TM  Tx Burst   Packet-OVERDRIVE TM Note: 1.Tx Burst only supports 11g mode. --> The same technology must also be supported in clients to boost WLAN performance.  Hide SSID  Long Preamble Hide SSID : prevent SSID from being scanned. Long Preamble : necessary for some older 802.11b devices only (lowers performance). Rate Control Enable Upload        Download        SSID 1  kbps  kbps SSID 2  kbps  kbps SSID 3  kbps  kbps SSID 4  kbps  kbps Note:  range 100~50,000 kbps   
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