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ADSL Router Status ADSL Router Status This page shows the current status and some basic settings of the device. System Alias Name ADSL Modem/Router Uptime 28 min Date/Time Thu Jan 1 00:28:43 UTC 1970 --> Firmware Version 1.3.10-ECI-032008_1P DSP Version Name Servers \,, Default Gateway \ DSL Operational Status ADSL2+, SHOWTIME.L0(Interleave) Upstream Speed 509 kbps   Downstream Speed 1024 kbps   LAN Configuration IP Address Subnet Mask DHCP Server Enabled MAC Address \ WAN Configuration Interface VPI/VCI Encap Protocol IP Address Gateway Status vc0 0/33 LLC br1483 up vc1 0/32 LLC mer1483 \ \ up    -->