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NAT Port map. Port fw. Port tri. ALG UPnP QoS Routing Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the capability of a network to provide better service to selected network traffic. The primary goal of QoS is to provide priority including dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter and latency (required by some real-time and interactive traffic), and improved loss characteristics. Also important is making sure that providing priority for one or more flows does not make other flows fail. QoS Types :   Application-based QoS QoS : Priority Queue Bandwidth Allocation Disabled Unlimited Priority Queue Local IP Address Description The IP address will not be bounded in the QoS limitation High/Low Priority Queue Protocol High Priority Low Priority Specific Port FTP 20,21 HTTP 80 TELNET 23 SMTP 25 POP3 110 Name:  TCP UDP Both ~ Name:  TCP UDP Both ~ Name:  TCP UDP Both ~ Type :   Download Upload Both Local IP range :    ~  Protocol :   ALL TCP UDP SMTP HTTP POP3 FTP Port range :    ~  Policy :   Min Max Rate(bps) :   FULL 32M 16M 8M 4M 2M 1M 512K 256K 128K    Current QoS Table: NO. Type Local IP range Protocol Port range Policy Rate(bps) Select       Enable Port-based QoS QoS :    Enabled  Disabled  Port No. Priority Flow Control Ingress Rate(bps) Egress Rate (bps) :     kbits :     kbits