Internet PPPoE for the EnGenius ESR9850Router Sceenshot

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WAN Interface Setup Status Dynamic IP Static IP PPPoE PPTP You can select the type of the account you have with your ISP provider. Login :   Password :    Service Name   MTU :     (512<=MTU Value <=1492) Authentication type :    Auto PAP CHAP Type :    Keep Connection Automatic Connection Manual Connection   Idle Timeout :    (1-1000 Minutes ) PPPoE Unnumbered IP :    Enable Disable Unnumbered IP :    / Unnumbered IP DHCP Settings DHCP Server :   Disabled Enabled Lease time :    Half hour One hour Two hours Half day One day Two days One week Two Weeks Forever Start IP :    End IP :    DNS Servers DNS Servers Type From ISP User-Defined First DNS Server Second DNS Server  
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