Wireless Security for the Encore ENHWI-2AN3Router Sceenshot

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Basic Advanced Security Filter WPS Client List Policy This page allows you setup the wireless security. Turn on WEP or WPA by using Encryption Keys could prevent any unauthorized access to your wireless network. SSID Selection :   Skyloft Broadcast SSID :   Enable Disable WMM :   Enable Encryption :    Disable WEP WPA pre-shared key WPA RADIUS Authentication type :    Open System   Shared Key   Auto   Key Length :    64-bit 128-bit Key type :    ASCII Hex Default key :    Key 1 Key 2 Key 3 Key 4 Encryption Key 1 :    Encryption Key 2 :    Encryption Key 3 :    Encryption Key 4 :    WPA type :    WPA(TKIP)   WPA2(AES)   WPA2 Mixed Pre-shared Key type :    Passphrase Hex (64 characters) Pre-shared Key :      Use internal MD5 RADIUS Server   Enable 802.1x Authentication RADIUS Server IP address :    RADIUS Server port :    RADIUS Server password :   
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