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Saving and Restoring Settings Log off Expert Mode: Standard Contents Help Overview Internet Telephony Home Network WLAN DECT System Event Log Energy Monitor Push Service "Info" Display Night Service FRITZ!Box Password Save Settings Firmware Update Reset Expert Mode Time Zone Language Settings Wizards Configuration, Updates, Telephones Saving and Restoring Settings The functions on this page require JavaScript. Enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. Save Restore Apply On this page you can apply settings from a backup file that was created in a different FRITZ!Box model to this FRITZ!Box. After entering the password and backup file, the FRITZ!Box displays which settings are available for application to this FRITZ!Box. Apply Settings Enter the password and the file from which the selected FRITZ!Box settings should be restored: Password Note: Please note that your current settings will be overwritten during application. See the Help for more information on the details and exceptions. Source File Help script = /system/cfgtakeover.lua GET POST QUERIES box:settings/expertmode/activated = 0 box:settings/opmode = opmode_pppoe dect:settings/enabled = 1 security:settings/password = **** tr069:settings/UpgradesManaged = 0 wlan:settings/encryption = 4 MULTIQUERIES CONFIG AURA = true BOX_FEEDBACK = false CAPI_TE = true CONFIGD = true DECT = true DECT_AUDIOD = true DECT_MONI = true DECT_MONI_EX = true DOCSIS = false DSL = true ECO = true ECO_SYSSTAT = true FON = true FONQUALITY = true IPV6 = true KIDS = true LABOR_DSL = false LTE = false MAILER = false MAILER2 = true MTD_MAIL = true MTD_RSS = true MULTI_COUNTRY = true MULTI_LANGUAGE = true NAS = false NLR_AUDIO = false NQOS = true REMOTE_HTTPS = true SESSIONID = true STOREUSRCFG = true TIMERCONTROL = true TR069 = true USB_GSM = true USB_HOST = true USB_STORAGE = true VPN = true WEBCM_INTERPRETER = true WLAN = true WLAN_GUEST = true WLAN_WDS = true WLAN_WPS = true country = 061 language = en oem = avme
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