Internet Internet Data for the Gennet OxyGEN RFA1400.Wv2Router Sceenshot

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Gennet OxyGEN Configuration           Home Internet Network Wireless Firewall Advanced System Status   Internet Quick Start ATM PVCs Connections ADSL Line   Internet Data Connection Name: Service: Data Video Type: PPPoE PPPoA IPoA Routed EoA Bridged EoA USB 3G USB Analog Eth. PPPoE Eth. IP ATM Options VPI / VCI:  /  Encapsulation: LLC VCMux 802.1Q VLAN Enabled VLAN ID:     VLAN CoS: Modem Options External modem: Profile: Cosmote Vodafone Wind CUSTOM APN: Init. String: Dial String: PPP Options Username: Password: Authentication type: Auto PAP CHAP       --> MTU size: Dial On Demand: PPPoE passthrough: IP Options DHCP client Static IP    IP Address:    Netmask:    Gateway: IP Routing Default route: No Yes logged in as admin Copyright Gennet s.a. 2008. All Rights Reserved.
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