Status DSL Line Info for the Gennet OxyGEN RFA1400.Wv2Router Sceenshot

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Gennet OxyGEN Configuration           Home Internet Network Wireless Firewall Advanced System Status   Status About System Log Interfaces DSL Line Wireless Firewall Clients Diagnostics Net Statistics IP Network   DSL Line Info State Showtime Type AnnexA Modulation ADSL2+ DSLAM BRCM Overall Failures 0 ATM Cell Drop Count 0 Transmitted Frames 2721308329 Received Frames 75001980 Rate Receive Transmit Bit Rate 7616500 965500 Cell Rate 17963 2277 Signal Local Remote Loss of Signal 0 0 Signal to Noise Ratio 9.60 dB 12.0 dB Line Attenuation 40.0 dB 18.5 dB Transmit Power 12.3 dB 20.3 dB DSL Errors Local Remote Severe (SEF) 0 0 Corrected (FEC) 5272609 26227 Checksum (CRC) 759 267 Header (HEC) 842 1716 logged in as admin Copyright Gennet s.a. 2008. All Rights Reserved.
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