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Hawking Tech - HWRN1A Hi-Gain™ Wireless-300N Router with Removable Antennas HWRN1A Setup Wireless Local Network Security Applications & Gaming Admin Status QoS NAT Port Forwarding Virtual Server Special Applications UPnP Settings ALG Application Layer Gateway Below are applications that require special support to function correctly under the NAT. You can select applications that you are using below. Enable Name Comment Amanda  Support for Amanda backup tool protocol. Egg  Support for eggdrop bot networks. FTP  Support for FTP. H323  Support for H323/netmeeting. IRC  Allows DCC to work though NAT and connection tracking. MMS  Support for Microsoft Streaming Media Services protocol. Quake3  Support for Quake III Arena connection tracking and nat. Talk  Allows netfilter to track talk connections. TFTP  Support for TFTP. IPsec  Support for IPsec passthrough Starcraft  Support for Starcraft/ game protocol. MSN  Support for MSN file tranfer. © 2008 Hawking Technologies, Inc.