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Hawking Tech - HWRN1A Hi-Gain™ Wireless-300N Router with Removable Antennas HWRN1A Setup Wireless Local Network Security Applications & Gaming Admin Status Quick Setup Wizard Dynamic DNS DDNS DDNS allows users to map the static domain name to a dynamic IP address. You must get a account, password and your static domain name from the DDNS service providers. Our products have DDNS support for www.dyndns.org and www.tzo.com now. Dynamic DNS :   Enabled Disabled Provider : 3322(qdns) DHS DynDNS ODS TZO GnuDIP DyNS ZoneEdit CyberGate Domain Name : Account / E-Mail : Password / Key : HostID :  ISAddr: Authentication Type :  password QRC HostPass : AuthP: AuthP: AuthQ: AuthQ: © 2008 Hawking Technologies, Inc. www.hawkingtech.com
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