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Hawking Tech - HWRN1A Hi-Gain™ Wireless-300N Router with Removable Antennas HWRN1A Setup Wireless Local Network Security Applications & Gaming Admin Status Local Area Network (LAN) Settings Your can enable the Wireless-300N router's DHCP server to dynamically allocate IP Addresses to your Local Area Network (LAN) client PCs. The broadband router must have an IP Address for the Local Area Network. LAN IP Address   IP address : Subnet Mask : 802.1d Spanning Tree : Disabled Enabled DHCP Server : Disabled Enabled DHCP Server   Lease Time : Half hour One hour Two hours Half day One day Two days One week Two weeks Forever Start IP : End IP : Domain Name : Static DHCP Leases Table You are only allowed to enter up to 16 addresses. NO. MAC address IP address Select           Enable Static DHCP Leases MAC address IP address © 2008 Hawking Technologies, Inc. www.hawkingtech.com
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