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Hawking Tech - HWRN1A Hi-Gain™ Wireless-300N Router with Removable Antennas HWRN1A Setup Wireless Local Network Security Applications & Gaming Admin Status Basic Settings Advanced Settings Security Settings Access Control WPS Wireless Access Control For security reasons, the Hi-Gain Wireless-300N router features MAC Address Filtering that only allows authorized MAC Addresses to connect to your network. Each computer or network device operates using a MAC Address. Check the enable box to activiate MAC Address Filtering. Enter the specific MAC Address below to allow access into your wireless network. Note: any MAC Addresses not listed below will not be able to connect to your network wirelessly. Add a MAC Address    Enable Wireless Access Control Mac Address Comment   MAC Address Filtering Table NOTE: Maximum of 20 MAC Addresses NO. MAC address Comment Select        © 2008 Hawking Technologies, Inc. www.hawkingtech.com
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