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Hawking Tech - HWRN1A Hi-Gain™ Wireless-300N Router with Removable Antennas HWRN1A Setup Wireless Local Network Security Applications & Gaming Admin Status Basic Settings Advanced Settings Security Settings Access Control WPS WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Settings This page allows you to change the setting for WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). WPS is an advanced form of wireless security. The PBC (Push Button Configuration) feature is used in some wireless devices. If your wireless network adapters support PBC, you can configure the settings here as well. Enable WPS Enable WPS Proxy Wi-Fi Protected Setup Information WPS Status:   Configured Self PinCode:   SSID:   Authentication Mode:   WEP Passphrase Key:   Device Configure Config Mode: Registrar Enrollee Configure via Push Button: Configure via Client PinCode: © 2008 Hawking Technologies, Inc. www.hawkingtech.com
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