Cable Status for the Hitron Technologies BWG-35302Router Sceenshot

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Cable Status Cable Status Cable status shows the users the cable initialization procedures, also the cable downstream and upstream status. Initialization Procedure Initialize Hardware Success Acquire Downstream Channel Success Upstream Ranging Success DHCP Bound Success Set Time-of-Day ToD Server Not Found Downloading CM Config File Success Registration Success Traffic Enable! Downstream Channel Set Downstream Frequency Hz Downstream Frequency 537000000 Hz Lock Status Locked Modulation 256 QAM Symbol Rate 5.360537 Msym/sec Downstream Power 3.1 dBmV SNR 39.425 dB Upstream Channel Upstream Frequency 39008000 Hz Lock Status Locked Modulation QPSK Symbol Rate 2560000 sym/sec Upstream Power 38.3 dBmV Channel ID 2