Customer UI Setup for the Hitron Technologies BWG-35302Router Sceenshot

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System Settings Item Enable Disable System Page       Router Name Setting    Password Settings Sub-Page          IdleTime Out Setting          Customer Password Change Setting WAN Page       Release/Renew WAN IP Button       DNS IP Setting       HostName Setting LAN Page       Pulic LAN IP Setting -->       Private LAN IP Setting       Private Domain Name Setting       DHCP Server Enable Setting       DHCP Lease Time Setting       Enable Manual DNS Assign Setting       DNS Assign Setting       IP Pool Setting       PPTP IP Address Pool Setting -->    Ether Switch Control Sub-Page -->    Ether Access Control Sub-Page Wireless Page       Wireless Mode Setting       Wireless Module Disable Setting    Channel and SSID Sub-Page          SSID Setting          Channel Setting          Hide SSID Setting    Encryption Sub-Page    Wireless MAC Filtering Sub-Page          All Wireless Stations/Trusted PCs Only Setting          Wireless Access List Setting NAT Page    Port Forwarding Sub-Page Firewall Page    Firewall Access Control Sub-Page          Enable Filtering Setting          Predefined Service Setting          Customer Defined Service Setting          Predefined Service Filtering Setting          Customer Defined Service Filtering Setting -->          Predefined Filtering Setting          Customer Defined Filtering Setting          Response to Ping Setting    Special Application Sub-Page    URL Blocking Sub-Page    Schedule Rule Sub-Page    Email/Syslog Alert Sub-Page    DMZ Sub-Page Tools Page    Configuration tool Sub-Page    Reboot Sub-Page VPN Page       VPN Functions Setting    Access Control Sub-Page    IPSec Tunnel Config Sub-Page    PPTP/L2TP Config Sub-Page --> Status Page       Network Log Table       LAN Client Log Table       LAN Client IP Release Button       Cable Modem System Event Log Table    Cable Status Sub-Page
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